Childrens Parties

It's partaaaaay time here at Makers Boutique Studio and we can't wait to get creative with you!
Did you know that we host amazing parties? Why not celebrate a special occasion designing and making something unique and individual. Our bespoke crafting sessions cater for all ages and abilities. We start with a consultation with the birthday ( or non birthday) boy or girl and explore the activity best suited to them upon booking. It is important to ensure that each child is able to complete and take home their creations within a 2 hour session. We provide all materials and equipment so you just need to turn up and enjoy!
If you would love us to host your birthday party or any type of party,  Please pop in to see us (when we are open) or give us a message to discuss any details or ask any questions! We have a contact page if you wanted to contact us this way too! Please note these events will be in line with government guidelines and will take place when it is safe to do so.
Best wishes and merry making!