Cornish Based Haberdashery Wonderfulness!
Cornish Based Haberdashery Wonderfulness!
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We Are Moving Shops!

Hello Crafters, Creators and Makers!

Welcome back to our second blog! We hope you are all well and excited that restrictions are finally being lifted here in the UK! This year has been a complete roller-coaster, but hopefully we are on the other side now!

There have been HUGE changes here at Makers Boutique Studio ready for us to re-open our shop doors on April 12th. If you don't know already we have relocated! Not far, only next door and still inside The Old Foundry Chapel. This new space is slightly bigger and will allow us to bring some extra services to you (all socially distanced and safe of course)!

The shop will still be cosy, vibrant and full of all things sparkly, crafty and lovely! Just in a slightly different place! We would love for our shop to become a real community hub of Hayle and we will be introducing some things to create a lovely buzz in the Chapel! We have some local makers who will be stocking some of their products in the shop, some workshops going on, our Knit and Knatter Corner, a creative notice board and a place where you can drop in and swap out any loose bits of yarn you don't need anymore!

We really are so excited to have you all back in the shop and we cannot wait to see you all again, so keep staying safe, and we will see you on the 12th!

Best Wishes as always, 

Makers Boutique Studio x

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